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Omen cues specializes in creating exclusive one-of-a-kind custom cues based on customers specifications.  These handcrafted two-piece cues begin with a commitment to total perfection using the highest quality components available.  Exclusive designs, using inlays such as Ivory, Mother of Pearl,  exotic woods, and precious stones help set us apart from the competition.  I take no shortcuts in producing the finest custom pool cues available. As a player my aim is to get cues in other players hands!



All cues restoration with upgrades to leather wraps and new shafts / and
all repairs.

I want to offer you a full cue restoration and the confidence I have over
30 years of this work. I use a Sherwin Williams 2 part acrylic urethane
product with a medium solids component. Once this product has thoroughly
gassed out I find that there is no comparison to the high gloss finish I can
achieve. For best results I recommend at least 3 weeks of paint time. Return
delivery in 4 weeks unless only a touchup is needed. I will be sure to save
all signatures and dates. During this time new shafts and upgrades to any
leather wrap is completed.

General pricing for your request will be discussed in a return email. I am
completely in the same price range as all of the others involved in this

Please take a moment to email me with questions and pictures of your cue.
Feel free to call @ 321-951-8123


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